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Once I saw the email today, I clicked away from it so I wouldn’t read the full reply xD When I finally read it, I wasn’t shocked by what they wrote. It was mostly “thank you for your interest, I have told our product team, we would like to make a ENG -> JP soon, I have added you to the list of other people wanting ENG -> JP.” So no ‘for sure’ information that ENG -> JP is ever happening. For some reason they said one of their competitors was Memrise which I just dont see. Memrise is just half of what Lingvist has. Memrise is just flashcards while Lingvist has the reading and listening sections going for it. If Lingvist added more of a LWT system with their reading section, I would be learning FR now instead of later xD I really hope ENG -> JP comes out before Lingvist is closed behind a subscription wall.

Finished watching/reading Erin’s Challenge Lesson 1. Lesson 1 was mostly easy for me because I still remember watching this lesson years ago. I’m sure the lesson will get harder once I get to ones I haven’t watched several times. I’m really trying not to care about highlighting new words and keeping track of the words I looked up xD. Even know I want to go back to L1 just to see the unknown words again lol. Hopefully, I will do an Assimil waves thing and go back to L1 when I’m halfway done. Most of the words I didn’t know where mostly because of the verb inflections. I also feel the need to go back and read Essential Grammar again. Don’t know when I will do that but most likely soon.


Donate your time and money

These past few days so much has happened so I just give a few highlights.

On the discord server I’m on, I helped a guy relearn the N5 Kanji for over TWO HOURS. At  night. And had work in the morning XD I was so tired after work that I took a nap immediately once I got home. The guy was just restarting to learn Japanese again after like eight months and while he still knew a few kanji, he was really lacking most of the basics.

Also on this discord server, I’ve been listening in on beginners go through Genki II and wow did I not know how much reading was in there. And their readings are actually interesting! I’m talking about the readings that come after you already go through the chapter. I don’t know how the workbooks look but I might just have to check out the Genki series again just for the reading parts xD

I missed out on four doughnuts at work. I didn’t read the sign clearly and thought it was just asking for donations starting at 25 cents so I put in a dollar. I walk past it again on my break to see it said you get a doughnut for every 25 cents Dx I felt like I couldn’t just say I put money in a few hours ago when you werent there x.x So I gave the jar another 25 cents for my doughnut. Later, just as I was going to clock out, the girl behind the desk stops me to talk to me about how I can donate MORE money! Out of my paycheck too. So I nodded along and just gave her a five dollar bill so it wouldn’t be awkward. She was staring me down so it wasn’t like I couldn’t donate :S

I’m at Special Expression Lesson 5 so its time to start reading again. I just spent an hour putting all the dialogs and scripts of Erin’s Challenge in a Word doc so I can put in a text file so I can read it on JadeReader xD Going to watch all the videos for each lesson on website then go on JadeReader to read it. Also will be reading the dialogs on Japanesepod101 when EC gets slow. I’m not going to use Memrise or Anki for vocab and just going to be looking up as I go. Let’s hope for the best :3


A guy I talk to on Discord reminded me about KanjiBox. I don’t really know how to describe the site but it uses flashcards and multiple choice to teach you kana, kanji, vocabulary and readings. Ordered by JLPT levels. Even though it is very simple, it some how works for me xD While I don’t think I remember every word each session, as long as I read after doing it, I start to recognize familiar kanji or even words. Going to start spending more time with KanjiBox while doing Tae Kim. You could easily do the same thing on Memrise but on KanjiBox the words are really spread out so by the time you see it again, there is still a chance of you not know it and getting it wrong. Also while doing the N5 Vocab, I was picking some of the words I was getting wrong and searching if they appear in Core 2k. For the most part, almost all of the words I looked up were there so I should be good if I finish all of N5 and N4 on KanjiBox.

First lesson for Special Expression already has me so confused XD. I’m really going to need to go back through each lesson or start taking notes now.

1st Bad Customer

Meet my first crazy customer today. Well, maybe not full crazy but he was definitely mess up and rude as hell. All over a coupon… While I was spared from his path, he was straight up an ass to my shift leader. To her face saying she was wrong, didn’t know how to do her job and couldn’t count @_@ This poor lady and omg did she almost snap at this piece of shit but she stopped herself and called the manager over. And of course he doesn’t stop there, telling manager that the shift leader was awful and needs to learn how to count. He also tries to get me and the customer behind him to agree with him and we both doesn’t say again. An even sadder part is that he is married!

Happier news, finished Essential Grammar today so next is Special Expressions. Will need to go back to EG to take notes because there were a lot of new grammar points I haven’t seen before.

Future looking Good

Randomly decided to do the math and to see how much classes were going to cost me now that I’m at a four year college. If I keep this awesome paying job with the right hours, I wont have to take out a loan for college!! As long as I do good in all my classes, the most I will have to pay out of pocket is 4k. Since I just spent 1k on a laptop, that doesn’t seem like a lot to me lol xD

My mom and I also had a nice debate about our opinions on transexuals. In the end, we realized we had different opinions but I was nice to talk about it with her. Nice to hear other peoples views and have the explain why they think that way. It also helped me get used to describing my thoughts. I’m so used to just thinking these ideas in my head so having the actually speak them was … different xD Really had to slow down and think about it.

Didn’t do much today for Japanese but tomorrow, I don’t have work until the afternoon so I’m going to get an early start in the morning:D Another Duolingo

Very disappointed today to see that was doing what so many other programs have done before. They tease JP learners about creating a Japanese course in the future only to have that course be a Japanese to English course …

I was so mad that in the heat of the moment, I sent them an email. I doubt I will get a reply but it still felt good to get my opinion out there. And no, I wasn’t cursing them out or spamming the Caps Lock.  Just an email asking if they will ever make a Eng -> Jap course and my thoughts on how to make one. Sigh~ Glad I saw this late at night and not during the day, might of killing my mood enough for me to not study xP

I’m upping my game recently and started to read 2 Tae Kim lessons a day. Can’t decide if will make a grammar deck of Tae Kim on Memrise or not. Since I’m only reading Tae Kim, I really want to find a way to really learn the grammar points. Or I could just be happy that I’ve seen the points at least once and go out to see the grammar in native sentences…

Not knowing your learning style is a real pain lol.

Listen to Learn

Listened in to a reading circle today for Japanese. The group read a short story about a man saving a crane and then a strange women coming to his house. It was in full hiragana so I had no clue what was going on until they explained it out. I did figure out the ending before the newer people. It was good listening practices :D. Only recognized a few words but at least I know them 100%.

After the reading circle, two beginner started chatting in  full Japanese. Also good practice. Knew a lot more words then. They mostly were just talking about themselves and getting to know each other. Simple dialogue for me. I even wrote a few lines of Japanese xP Still basic grammar. But it got me thinking on how I can improve on my writing. Of course, going through a textbook would help but then I would have to learn all the vocabulary for each lesson then do the exercises. Learning vocabulary is still a painful process for me x.x Just have to keep reminding myself to focus on grammar then worry about vocabulary.

I want to fully understand N5-N4 grammar before doing anything else :3

No Fun after Work

Work really just takes all your energy. A 6 hour shift is usually easy for me but today it just left me with no motivation to do anything productive. Today wasn’t even a bad day. I got to be on the far lane so I barely had any customers. I think what killed my mood was my last customer. I was all ready to get off on time when the customer starts freaking out about the sale not showing up on the cash register. Then she spends a good 2 minutes trying to find a coupon for her three separate transactions only to end up put it all together. And of course, she a talker that wants to chat/complain about her missed deal and why she was trying to do 3 different orders @_@ This job is easy but late night shoppers are weird. xD

Luckily, writing this post is bring up my mood so I’m staying up late to read Tae Kim and maybe play around on the JP learners Discord channel.

Still learning all the tricks with Mac computers. Today, learned how the different desktop work. Now I have one for Japanese, Asana and reading. Also found out that if I want to keep this laptop, I was going to have to delete Chrome Dx. I loved using Chrome but it takes too much memory on this laptop 😦 Still debating on selling this one when the updated Macbook Pros come out but I know I’m not going too xP. I’ve never tried to selling something online or tried to send something by mail. For now, I’m stuck using the colorless Safari :S. Doesn’t even have icons for the bookmarks x.x

Day Off and Bad Choices

My day off today was mostly spent on Youtube and playing around with Asana. Could have done more of something with Japanese but the day isnt over yet so I still got time. Most likely going to watch a BL movie. On my Todo, I still need to watch Howl’s Moving Castle but I cant get myself to do it. I dont know why because I really do want to see but I’ve been stuck in a spam BL and fanfiction mode lol.

Today, I started thinking about my weight again. At 5’2 ft, I’m barely 102 lbs :s For some that might be a good thing but for me, it just reminds me of my bad eating habits. I think I have said this before, but growing up as a gamer, I would forget to eat a lot. Most days barely having 2 meals. Even now while I’m in college and I rarely play anymore, I still dont recognize that I haven’t eaten a full meal all day until 11pm. xD I keep telling myself that I’ll get better with my eating happens once I can afford to buy healthy food all the time but I already a cheapskate so the chance of me wasting money on overpriced it very low xP

Joined the world of Mac

Bought my first Macbook today. I already know that a newer version of the Macbook Pro is coming out this year but since this is my first Mac, I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a new OS that I might not like. I picked the Macbook Air 13″ with 8GB. A year old but should last me awhile. My only concern is that I won’t have enough memory. I’m one of those that gets on a computer and somehow after 20 minutes, have 15 tabs open 😦 For my Mac, I’m going to try to start closing tabs I know I can open later or ones I don’t need anymore.

My last semester was hell for me x.x Turns out, that D I got in Theater transferred over to my 4 year college so I ended up wasting money retaking the class Dx Also, while BIO101 was an easy B for me, BIO102 was pure torture x.x Last few weeks of that class, I just gave up. I checked to see if I needed to get a C in the class, (I didn’t) so I skipped one of the final tests, half assed studied for the final and passed the class with a D xP. Glad that is over. Now to focus more on my computer classes next semester. Speaking of computer classes, the Java class I took last semester was a joke so now I have to relearn everything this summer. Finished going over Ch1 a few days ago and now working on Ch2. Need to finish the textbook before next semester because that’s when I take Java Part 2 @_@ Even tho I really wanted to learn Java, I’m kind of bummed that the teacher didn’t even teach us the language. The class was once a week and he only walked us through the assignment >_>.

My 日本語 is still basic but I’m really trying this summer. This is my first summer without classes so I’m still getting used to having so much free time after work lol :3 I now use Memrise for Kanji and Vocabulary and I’m reading Tae Kim again. I stick with the pattern of only learning words after I have studied the kanji in them. So I will do my Kanji course first, then unignore the next set of words with those kanji, in the same day. Been going well so far. Knowing the meaning of the kanji before hand makes it easy to guess the meaning of the word, of course only when its just one kanji in the word xP

I’m also doing the Super Challenge right now. I was in the lead for the most in films and that was really getting to my head so I finally took a deep breathe and closed the tab with the Super Challenge tracker. Now I’m just going to focus on finding stuff to watch and now feel the need to do so much each day so I can keep first place 🙂

Wow. The spell checker on WordPress has gotten better. Or this is just the Mac version lol.