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Learning to Read Mandarin

Updated: April 29, 2018

Working through:

Clozemaster: HSK 2

Chinesepod101: AB S4

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[U3] Grammar notes help

  • Finished Chinesepod101 AB S2

Another 25 simple dialogues done. Wish these non HSK words were repeated more but I guess will have to seem them else where. The grammar notes are really helpful to read over. In S2 learned that can also mean ‘to bring’ and a day later saw a sentences in Clozemaster use it in that way. Would have been lost on why was there without reading those notes because the definition ‘to bring’ does not show up with my popup dictionary.

  • HSK 2 27%

Seeing less repeat sentences which is nice. Starting to recognize names like Tom and Alice.

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[U2] Over and Over

  • Clozemaster HSK 2 17%

Not even half way and I’m seeing the same sentences again. Like I will do one set 10 sentences and in the next set, I will see two sentences from the set before x.x I dont know if the creator did this on purpose or it was like this from the sentences bank he got them from. Not sure if I should be ignoring the repeated sentences or just keep reading them. I have been mastering any sentences so I guess I can wait until I’m 50% again.

  • Finished Chineseclass101 AB S1

Easy 25 lessons. A few words that are much higher level than HSK 1 and 2 but good to seem them now because I might recognized them later. Already almost done with AB S2.